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Privacy Policy

Shinjuku City Hotel NUTS Tokyo requires guests to enter personal information when filling out bookings and enquiries etcetera on our website. We use this personal information to provide our guests with beneficial services during their stay.

Entering Personal Information on our Website

When guests fill out various applications on our website, we register the personal information which is necessary for matters dealing with Japan’s Hotel Business Act, as well as for arranging services which pertain to these matters.

Our Usage of Personal Information

Data registered on our website is used for the below purposes.

  • Various Arrangements
    Guests’ data is used in our responses to bookings and enquiries (the main types of application form), and well as in other hotel arrangements.

  • Other Communications
    If our hotel needs to contact guests for any other reasons than the above, we may need to use the e-mail, telephone, fax and address information provided.


Usage of Statistical Information

The personal information of guests who have used our website is also utilized for statistical purposes after removing the personal sections. This information is used in various forms as marketing data, and for no other purposes.

Access Log

We keep a log of everyone who accesses our website. This access log records each user’s domain name, IP address, internet browser type, access date and time, and the source of the link, but it does not contain any information which can be used to identify individuals. The access log is used for maintenance of our website and for statistical analysis of its usage, and is not used for any other reasons.

Privacy Policy Revisions

If there are any important changes to this policy, we will inform guests via our website.
For all other changes, please check for the latest information on our site, which is updated regularly. We ask for your understanding that our hotel does not accept liability for any issues caused by matters which had not been checked by guests.

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